Roger and Lyn Manning

While visiting the lands of the Book of Mormon and of the Bible, it is a very special experience to open the scriptures and envision and relive the sights and events from the Scriptures. Each time we visit an archaeological site or view an ancient artifact that might have existed during the time period of the Book of Mormon or Bible, our desire to study the Word of God increases.

Roger Manning currently works as a Representative for the Mexico and South America South Areas of the Church in the Missionary Department. He received a bachelor’s degree from Utah State University, a master’s degree from Idaho State University, and a doctoral degree (PhD) from Utah State University.

Roger worked many years in the Church Educational System as a seminary and institute instructor in Idaho, Utah, and Florida.  He's supervised seminaries and institutes in Utah, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. He served as the pre-service teacher training director for the Salt Lake City area and as the Area Director for Northern Utah, Southeast Idaho, and Western Wyoming.   He loves spending time with his family and serving in the Church. His hobbies include all sports, camping, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, farming, gardening and raising animals.

Brother Manning is married to Lyn Bennion, and they are parents of three daughters and two sons and five grandchildren. 

Lyn B. Manning graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor´s degree in Elementary Education and currently teaches full-time. She has assisted in directing many tours to Mexico and Central America. She learned to speak Spanish fluently while living in Peru for three years.

From 2009-2012 Roger and Lyn served as Mission President and Wife in the Peru Lima South Mission.

Roger and Lyn have traveled extensively for CES and the former BYU Travel Study throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, Egypt, and Israel. Together they've traveled over 12 times to Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America) directing Lands and Times of the Book of Mormon tours. They thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and making new friends in various parts of the world. The diversity of people, culture, and geography throughout the world is very fascinating to both. They have a special love for all people, especially the Latino culture. They developed this affinity for the Latin people while serving a full-time LDS missions to Ecuador. 

Roger Manning's Current Tours:

2019 Summer Holy Land Tour with Roger C. and Lyn Manning from 2,245
2019 Summer Holy Land Tour with Roger C. and Lyn Manning

DestinationTel Aviv; Nazareth; Capernaum; Galilee; Qumran; Jerusalem; Bethlehem;

Category:  Holy Lands

Duration11 days 10 nights